Summer Camp of Ball Kids for 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai Closes
Created: 2018-08-01 16:09:06

On July 28th, the summer camp of ball kids for 2018 Hengqin Life WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai finally closes. This summer camp has selected 30 ball kids. After two weeks of strong and efficient training, they have been well prepared to serve the top players and do their best on the court and help Zhuhai to best display its image of “Tennis City” nationwide and worldwide.



At the closing ceremony, the staff and coaches issue the certificates of completion for ball kids and say: "How time flies! WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai has entered the fourth year. In the past three years, we have been ushering in many new faces, continuously instilling new energy into WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai. The 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai will be held from October 30th to November 4th. In two months, our ball kids will be behaving themselves on the court and will win glory for Zhuhai, for the event, and for themselves. ”



Later on, the ball kids are performing wonderful talent shows, including singing song, playing the harmonica, and playing the violin... The exhausting two-week training ends up with joy and laughter as well as music and dance, showing a unique youthful style.

Review of Two-Week Training



The summer camp of ball kids lasts for a fortnight. The training consists of such four items as warm-up games, basic technical training, physical training and theoretical knowledge. Every day at 10 am, the training instructor imparts the theoretical knowledge of tennis rules to the ball kids in the form of lectures. In the afternoon, they apply the theories into practice and conduct practical tennis training on the tennis court.



In order to spread the tennis culture to the primary and secondary schools, the ball kids selected for the camp this year are younger than the ones selected for previous years, who are from middle schools and are 13-14 years old; most of the former are from primary schools or have just been admitted into junior high schools.



Therefore, the training instructor and the coaches take a more targeted training approach. After two weeks of being taught and trained with care and patience, the young ball kids get to know the principle of obeying orders. In the end there builds a firm friendship among the coaches and ball kids, especially between the ball kids, who have not only made true friends through the hard training, but also got a tacit understanding and solidarity.



Two weeks of training is productive. The ball kids have built up firm friendships, but more importantly they have fallen in love with tennis sports and built up their bodies. They are very proud to serve the players and will continue to get involved with more tennis activities in the future.



Let us look forward to the best performance of the ball kids at the 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai from October 30th to November 4th!