Selection of Ball Kids for 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai Begins
Created: 2018-08-07 15:04:50

As the tennis tug-of-war in the second half of 2018 is becoming fiercer, intensive preparations for 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai, co-sponsored by the Chinese Tennis Association and the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government and hosted by Huafa Group, are being made. This year will witness the fourth edition of the Trophy, and its participants will be those ranking ninth to nineteenth by the end of the year.


Selection of Ball Kids in Zhuhai


On June 24th, selection of ball kids for the 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai begins at Hengqin Tennis Center Zhuhai, which also marks the countdown to 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai. Despite the hot weather, the applicants from all over Zhuhai and their relatives came to the Huafa Center Court for selection. Under the guidance of the event organizer Huafa Sports, they kick off the selection and training of ball kids.



The event organizing committee will work together with primary and secondary schools in Zhuhai to select and organize a team of professional and energetic ball kids. Those from primary and secondary schools who have in the past three years participated in "Tennis into Campuses”, an activity hosted by Huafa Sports to implement the “National Tennis Program”, are particularly encouraged to apply. 



The selection of ball kids in 2018 will go through such three stages as the preliminary selection, summer camp training, and match service. At the preliminary selection on the 24th, the trainers give guidance to young students on professional actions, such as spider running, ground balling, ball catching, and ball feeding. After the test, the first batch of ball kid candidates has been selected. 



Two more batches of candidates will be selected in the next two weeks, and then the three batches of ball kids will enter the summer training camp held from July 15th to 28th for a fortnight of intensive training. In line with the international training standards, the training of summer camp will focus on simulation of match services, familiarity with tennis rules and teaching of English language.


Ball kids from abroad also involved


The Deputy General Manager of Huafa Sports and tennis promoter, Ji Ming said, "The team of ball kids is an important and indispensable part of the tennis match. The selection of ball kids, along with ‘Tennis into Campuses’, ‘Tennis into Communities’, and Grand Bay Youth Tennis Tournament, is hailed as the four major charity events of the WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai. In the past three years, we have not only trained a number of professional ball kids for Zhuhai, but also promoted the training of the tennis teachers. These measures have not only promoted the development of the tennis industry in Zhuhai, but also opened a new window for the tennis industry in Zhuhai to go global."


Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai Huafa Sports Operations Management Co., Ltd., Ji Ming giving his speech


The 2018 WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai will be held from October 30th to November 4th, and the total prize money will be raised to US $2.35 million. As one of the three major women's tennis tournaments in China and one of the two WTA year-end finals, the WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai has attracted the world-famous players and grand slam winners in the past three years, including Venus Williams, Angelique Kerber, Caroline Wozniacki and Petra Kvitova. Their participation has also shown the influence and significance of this Trophy.